How to properly label the shipment?

After you have placed an order, and packaged it properly, make sure to label the shipment correctly.

Here we explain how to label accordingly:

Label correctly

As with any type of transport, loading companies must ensure that the load is adequately labelled with address labels and, if necessary, handling instructions when shipping on pallets. This also includes: removing possible old labels. To ensure that the label sticks perfectly to the shipment, it is best to place the label on the boxes and not on plastic.

Note: To make sure that all information relevant for delivery is present on your consignment, do the labelling yourself! Make sure that they are clearly labelled.

Handling staff and truck drivers in particular need information that tells them what to do quickly and clearly.

Our service: You can label your consignments with this label. Simply print it out, fill it in and stick it on the packages: Find it here.

Please also check our Terms and Conditions to prevent delays and additional fees due to wrong packaging.

Please find more detailed information here in our explanation video:

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