What are the advantages of using Saloodo! as a shipper?

1. Register for free and use your account anytime and anywhere, from any type of device, be it mobile phone, laptop or tablet. 

2. Simplify your daily workflow by inviting your coworkers to create their accounts for free and work with you.

3. Create transport requests in less than two minutes.

4. Get immediate access to a large, growing network of carriers verified according to DHL’s Code of Conduct. Additionally, you can also invite your preferred carrier to work with you on Saloodo!.

5. Choose from multiple offers depending on the dates requested, routes and transport preferences.

6.Access and download documents for all the completed transport orders directly on your Saloodo! dashboard.

7. Get real-time status updates from pick-up to delivery, including live chat support and customer-service assistance.

8. Enjoy peace of mind with Saloodo! as your contract partner and single point of contact.

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