Does Saloodo! offer a Closed Shop option?

With the “Closed Shop” feature, you can now offer your transport orders to pre-selected transport service providers on demand – worldwide. With this function Saloodo! makes it even easier for shippers to find perfectly matching carriers for their transport need.
Find more information in our video explanation.

Are there different options?

There are different variants: On the one hand, carriers with special trucks are assigned to different closed shops on the freight platform. For example, transport orders for carriers with construction vehicles can only be displayed to them.

On the other hand, shippers can also create their own closed shop with preferred carriers. In the event of a transport request from the shipper, this is then displayed exclusively to the carriers within the closed shop. The feature is therefore not only interesting for large, globally active companies, but also for niche markets or business areas in which strict transport rules apply.

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