How to post a transport request?

After successful registration, enter your dashboard and click on “Create new shipment”. Then you can enter all the details that Saloodo! needs to offer you transport options. There is no need to contact any carriers, you just wait for the transport options online. They will show within a few hours in you personal dashboard.

Here is the detailed procedure:

1. Create a transport request

  • Login with your email and password.
  • Once you get access to your dashboard, click on the ”Create New Shipment” button. Enter the number of handling units and the type of packaging for items with same dimensions. You can describe and select the units by quantity, item type (pallet, box, barrel, roll, full box-trailer, full curtainsider, other), weight and the type of goods (fragile, dangerous or non-dangerous goods). E.g. 5 pallets 120x80x150cm 100kg/pallet.
  • If you want to add more items to your existing transport request, simply click on the ”Add Item” button

Note: Please describe your items as accurate as possible. This will help you get competitive prices and prevent transport delays.

2. Add the pick-up and delivery locations

  • Enter the location, date and time of when you would like to arrange the pick-up and delivery of your transport request.
  • While setting the route, you can choose the location type (commercial with ramp – commercial buildings such as warehouses, office buildings, convenience stores that provide additional access in the building through a slope, commercial without a ramp but with a forklift – commercial buildings without a slope but with a vehicle able to carry heavy loads, commercial without a ramp and without a forklift – trucks with tail lifts are required, residential – apartments, houses or home-based businesses located in non-commercial zones – trucks with tail lifts are required).
  • If you have previously submitted transport requests, you will be able to use the ”My recent addresses” function. This means you don’t need to reinsert the same addresses for recurring transport requests.

3. Post your transport request to see all prices

  • Once you have provided all the necessary details, you may get an estimated price calculated depending on the transport characteristics provided by you, availability of trucks and last-booked rates paid for standard tilt/taut trailers.
    This price is a non-binding estimation for you to compare all the prices you will receive from the carriers active on the platform.
  • Alternatively, after you clicked on the ”See Prices” button, you will get directly redirected to your dashboard, where a list of current offers will be displayed for your transport request.

4. Choose a transport offer

Below ”Offers”, you will be able to see how many offers you got for your transport request, from which transport companies, for which dates and for what price (incl. VAT).
Based on this criteria, you can select an offer with your preferred carrier by clicking on the ”Book Now” button.

5. Next steps

  • Proceed to payment and pay securely with Saloodo! as your contract partner. Select from our list of payment methods, (including payment on invoice with RatePay).
  • Finalize the transport order by providing the details of the contact persons at the pick-up and the delivery locations.

Note: Not providing contact details after paying for the transport order may result in transport delays which in turn could result in surcharges, so please make sure to add the contact details of the persons at the pick-up and the delivery locations.

Please find more detailed information here in our dedicated explanation video:

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