How to properly prepare the transport order?

After you have chosen a carrier for your shipment request, and placed an order, it is time to properly package your shipment.

1. Palletise your goods

If you want to transport loose boxes or parcels, it is mandatory that you palletise them, i.e. you must stack the goods to be shipped on a pallet. To do this, only use pallets that are large enough so that the consignment fits completely on them and does not protrude at the edges. If items protrude sideways on pallets, they can easily be damaged. In your own interest, make sure that your goods are flush with the pallet. It could also be that the lorry driver will not accept pallets that are not packed correctly, in order to prevent possible recourse claims against the freight forwarder in advance. Also make sure that the weight is evenly distributed on the pallet.

2. Avoid transport damageSecure the consignments on the pallet. It is best to secure the goods using film such as strapping or banding. If you wrap the items on the pallet in shrink wrap, make sure that the shrink wrap also encloses the base of the pallet. Also remember that the goods on the pallet must be packed weatherproof and must not wobble: the flatter the pallet is packed, the less risk there is of goods being lost or damaged.

3. Attach stacking protection

You have indicated in the transport order in the Saloodo! platform that your goods are „not stackable“? Then provide your pallets with an additional so-called „pallet cap“. These are small cardboard pyramids on which the bilingual warning print „Please do not stack“ is printed as well as a pictogram. They serve as a mechanical and visual warning to the driver and warehouse workers against stacking pallets.

4. Label correctly

Make sure that they are clearly labelled! As with any type of transport, loading companies must ensure that the load is adequately labelled with address labels and, if necessary, handling instructions when shipping on pallets. This also includes: removing possible old labels. To ensure that the label sticks perfectly to the shipment, it is best to place the label on the boxes and not on plastic.

Note: To make sure that all information relevant for delivery is present on your consignment, do the labelling yourself!

Handling staff and truck drivers in particular need information that tells them what to do quickly and clearly. This is above all the consignment and delivery information on the consignments.

You can label your consignments with this label. Simply print it out, fill it in and stick it on the packages: Find it here.

Please find more detailed information here in our explanation video:

Please also check our Terms and Conditions to prevent delays and additional fees due to wrong packaging.

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