Are Pick-up and Delivery times binding?

In the case of general cargo transports, the dispatchers of our transport service providers schedule the incoming goods in a distribution plan. Based on the collected orders, the pick-up schedule at the customer’s premises for the next day is drawn up and coordinated with the deliveries so that as few (expensive) empty kilometres as possible occur. If there are discrepancies, the goods are collected at a later, more economical time. A period of up to 48 hours from the originally scheduled pick-up time is common here.

Irrespective of this, there are other imponderables in the transport process which cannot be influenced, but which do affect the collection or delivery time. For example, there may be a lack of space on the vehicle due to undeliverable goods or additional unplanned freight. In addition, it must be ensured on a daily basis that the vehicles must be back at the point of departure (HUB) by a certain time in order to guarantee the onward loading of the goods. If there are delays (traffic jams, accidents, etc.) on the route in the course of the transport, some customers can also no longer be served on that day.

For these reasons, in accordance with our general terms and conditions, it is not possible for Saloodo! to order scheduled shipments.


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