How can I participate in a Closed Shop procedure?

If shippers want to participate in the closed shop procedure, they first contact Saloodo!. Once they have been activated for the Closed Shop use, these shippers enter the details of their transport request on the platform, as usual. Before they publish their transport request in the freight platform, they can choose whether the request should be exclusively addressed to the carriers within the individual Closed Shop. In this case, all you have to do is click a button and the carriers within the Closed Shop will be notified of the new transport request. They can then submit their offer for the order, which also suits them perfectly – a real win-win situation for both sides

With the “Closed Shop” feature, you can now offer your transport orders to pre-selected transport service providers on demand – worldwide. With this function Saloodo! makes it even easier for shippers to find perfectly matching carriers for their transport need.
Find more information in our video explanation.


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