What are the advantages of using Saloodo! as a carrier?

1. Register for free and use your account anytime and anywhere, from any type of device, be it mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

2.Simplify your daily workflow by inviting your coworkers to create their own accounts for free and work with you.

3. Get access to thousands of transport requests across various regions.

4. Set and save your routes based on your preferences and get real-time notifications for recently added transport requests.

5. Use our price estimator to make your transport offers as competitive as possible. This will allow you to adjust your offer according to new market conditions and help you get more transport orders.

6. Assign new transport jobs directly to your driver and receive real-time status updates through the Saloodo! Driver App.

7. Guaranteed fast payment once the Proof of Delivery has been reviewed and approved by the shipper.

8. Saloodo! as your single point of contact and contract partner for operational or administrative matters.

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