How can I provide fixed rates, so-called Rate Cards?

Use Saloodo! as an additional sales channel and store fixed rates, so-called Rate Cards. Based on your pre-defined criteria, you always submit an offer when a transport request is posted that meets your personal criteria. This gives you the possibility to get additional shipments automatically without much effort and to increase your awareness among shippers.

Store your rates based on weight, parking spaces or loading metres:
•  You specify the shipments you wish to bid on (e.g. FTL, PTL or LTL)
• You set your prices and provide us with your price matrix
• You determine which relations are stored in the Rate Card (per country/country combination and from/to with 2-digit postcode)
•  Weight, parking space or loading meter cluster can be freely defined
•  You determine the transport criteria for which your price is displayed (e.g. min/max: packages, dimensions, weight)

If you are interested in depositing Rate Cards at Saloodo! please contact us.

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